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Paper Industries

At B.D.Makfin and N.B.Fabricators,we provide the tissue makers with the state-of-the-art Yankee/open/closed hood that are custom designed and suited to meet mill specifications.

Yankee Hood:

  • ¬†Large steam heated pressure vessel used in production of tissue grades.
  • Sheet is dried to it’s final moisture target.
  • Creped to add bulk,stretch and softness to the sheet.

Open Hood:

  • Utilises a specially designed internal plenum to ensure that the vapour is removed uniformly in both the machine and cross machine directions.
  • Portable,easily removable panels for quick access to paper machine dryers.
  • Aluminium/stainless steel panel construction.
  • Heavy duty and high efficiency centrifugal fans with optional corrosion resistant coatings or stainless steel construction.

Closed Hood:

  • Encloses dryer section of paper machine,fully insulated design,built up with a framework of hot dip galvanized mild steel profiles.
  • Exhaust plenum made up of Aluminium sheet.
  • Suitable for 550c to 620c dew point to optimize air system thermal requirements.

Hood and associated machine ventilation system form the core of each drying section.During drying process,a large quantity of moisture is evaporated from paper web.This moisture is discharged to the atmosphere through hood exchanger fans.Part of the heat carried along with the exhaust air is recovered in pre heating the hood make up air in heat recovery units.The make up air,thus pre heated is further heated in water air and steam air heat exchangers and introduced into paper machines.The dew point of the hood has a direct impact on the energy costs for drying.

  • Maximum dewpoint
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Reduces heat and noise in machine hall
  • Less energy consumption,minimizes condensation risks.
  • Maintains lowest KW/Ton of paper ratio and uniform drying environment for better quality and output.
  • Maximises hood humidity level and monitors hood zero pressure level.
  • Zero spillage or condensation.
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