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L Fin coil

The L-fin has a “foot” at its base and is tension-wound on knurled tube material. The L-shaped base provides a large contact area between the tube and the fin, ensuring effective, long-lasting cooling and heat transfer. The L fin is recommended when tubes and fins are of the same material.

We are the first to discover and manufacture L-fin in India. Please take this and get benefit after use it.

We specialise in manufacturing L FIN

Purpose of use:

  • The L shaped base provides a large surface area for efficient heat transfer due to greater contact between tube and fin.
  • Fins that are completely in contact with airstream can transfer heat at lower temperature at the maximum rate and thus have higher durability.
  • It saves electricity consumption upto about 40%.
  • Saves Ammonia gas upto about 40%.
  • Saves pipe upto about 40% since it requires only about 60-65% of the pipe whereas bunker coil is needed almost 1lakh/feet.
  • It efficiently transfers heat for preserving vegetables,meat,fish,egg in cold storages.


We assure 100% lifetime warranty of the L-fin coils manufactured by us.

Technical effort:

  • L-Fin is made by G.I. strips, S-S strips, aluminium strips, copper strips etc.
  • L-Fin has a base and tension wound on knurled tube material.
  • Zero leakage and tolerance to high pressure are some of the key features that are ensured during production.
  • It is 100% connected to pipe.

Market abilities:

We design L-fin for all kinds of air conditioners, heat pumps, refrigeration systems.

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